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Where can I get my latest statement?

You can request this from your Debt Counsellor or you can submit a support ticket with us requesting your latest statement. You can do this here

Someone told me I can be paying less every month

Please be careful here! As this could be someone trying to fool you into “signing up” with them and they disappearing with your money… And will cause your Credit Providers not getting paid and them seizing your assets.

Where can I update my contact information?

Please contact your Debt Counsellor as they always need to be in contact with the client. As they are in control of the Consumer’s information.

For how much longer do I have to be under Debt Review?

At inception, a debt review plan is calculated by the Debt Counsellor which is then submitted to the PDA for collection and distribution. The Consumer Statement balance per obligation gives the Consumer an idea how many months the plan must still run until expiry since certain obligations repay quicker than others. In the final instance, the Debt Counsellor will always be able to answer this question accurately and should be approached to do so.

Why are we still paying into paid up accounts

The onus remains with the Debt Counsellor to remove paid up accounts from the client’s profile. This will be done once the paid up letter is received by the Debt Counsellor.
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